Pregnant women choline intake help baby health

According to a study published in the FASEB Journal, Increasing choline intake for pregnant women in late pregancy period may reduce babies’ rates of metabolism and long-term related to mental health diseases and chronic diseases such as high blood pressure.

The researchers in Cornell university and Rochester University Medical Center randomized 26 pregnancy women(the last 3 month pregancy), they separately consumed 480 mg choline and 930 mg of choline every day for 12 weeks, choline intake mainly comes from diet and supplements. The researchers tested both pregnant women’s blood sample and  placenta blood sample, Compared them to cortisol level and the genetic difference, results of the study showed that cortisol level in the placenta in high level choline intake of pregnant women group are lower and the gene which regulate of cortisol genes in placenta and baby organization are changed.

The researchers said, choline plays a very important role in fetus and infant brain development process, it can promote the baby’s brain development and improve memory. Pregnant women get more choline can help alleviate pressure and metabolism disorder, enhance its of resistance to chronic disease for babies in the future. So the researchers recommend that pregnant women can eat foods rich in choline such as eggs, lean meat, beans and broccoli.

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