Apigenin—A Cancer Fighter

Apigenin belongs to Apium graveolens L. var. dulce DC. It widely exists in a variety of fruits, vegetables, beans and tea, scrophulariaceae plant,etc. Apigenin is a polyphenol, and is one of the flavonoids found in many of the foods consumed by humans.

It is studied that it has an anticancer activity. As an antiviral drugs to treat HIV and other virus and a MAP kinase inhibitors. It is also a kind of antioxidants. Compared with other flavonoids substances (quercetin, galangal yellow ketone), its low toxicity and no mutagenicity is more favourable.

The most widespread research has been for its potential to fight cancer.There have been epidemiological studies correlating the consumption of this compound with lowered cancer rates. Also, there have been a number of studies examining the effect of this flavonoid on cell lines of various types of cancers. There have also been several studies examining its effect when combined with chemotherapy agents.


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