How Radix Paeoniae extract benefits to us?

It has an effect on antispasmodic, analgesia, sedation; anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer; hepatoprotective;It can regulate mmune function,and hypoxia

In vitro study, Radix Paeoniae has significant inhibition on adrenaline, adenosine diphosphate (ADP), welding head snake venom (TMVA) and arachidonic acid (AA) and it can reduce platelet adhesion and activity of the third platelet factor while increasing cAMP in

It is a clinical treatment for coronary heart disease, old age diseases. And it can strengthen health and immune function, anti-inflammatory relieving cough and asthma and so on, In particular, the treatment of chronic respiratory disease may be a supplementary drug.

The main component of radix paeoniae rubra including radix paeoniae glucoside, radix paeoniae lactone glycoside, oxidatied radix paeoniae glucoside, benzoyl radix paeoniae glucoside, daucosterol, also contain alkaloid, benzoic acid, etc

Research shows that Radix Paeoniae improves blood rheology of high viscous blood coronary heart disease patients.It can reduce the whole blood viscosity ratio and erythrocyte electrophoresis time reduced. In addition, red paeony root can through the influence of calcium metabolism, regulate TXA2 / PGI2 balance resistance to atherosclerosis. Moreover,it have significant sedation and analgesic effect and still can mild improve gastric acidity so as to improve appetite, digestion function and nerve

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