Natural Betulinic Acid

Over the last fifteen years interest in drugs of plant origin has been reviving and growing steadily, and the drug researchers are exploring the potential of natural products for the cures of still unsurmountable diseases like cancer and AIDS. Betulinic acid is one of natural products.

Betulinic acid is a naturally occurring pentacyclic triterpenoid. Betulinic acid has many kinds of biological activity including antitumor, AIDS virus, anti-inflammatory and in vitro antimalarial disease,

In Russia,it has been reportedly used since 1834. In 1994, scientists at the University of North Carolina reported that chemicals found in white birch bark slowed the growth of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) . The following year, a researcher at the University of Illinois reported that betulinic acid killed melanoma cells in mice [6]. Since then, a number of researchers have conducted laboratory tests on betulinic acid to determine antitumor properties, especially with respect to melanoma cells with some promising results which may warrant future study. Betulinic acid has recently been selected by the National Cancer Institute for addition into the RAID (Rapid Access to Intervention in Development)

There are some reports on the efficacy of betulinic acid for the treatment and prevention of skin melanoma. Treatment of metastatic melanoma of the skin compromising betulinic acid modified at its C-3 position. So betulinic acid for the treatment of melanoma is

The research and application prospects of betulinic acid is

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