Pine Bark Extract has proven beneficial

Pine bark extract is made from the bark of the maritime pine tree .The scientific name is Pinus maritime, which contains naturally occurring chemicals called proanthocyanidins. It’s well known that people can use to benefit their health duet to it’s a kind of antioxidant is wonderful for the human body.

It can be used for hypertension.58 patients in a placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel group study were investigated effects of pine bark extract, Pycnogenol, on patients with hypertension. Supplementation of the patients with 100 mg pine bark extract over a period of 12 weeks helped to reduce the dose of the calcium antagonist nifedipine in a statistically significant manner. The intake of pine bark extract decreased endothelin-1 concentrations significantly compared to placebo while concentrations of 6-keto prostaglandin F1a in plasma were significantly higher compared to placebo. Values for nitric oxide (NO) in plasma increased in both groups, but the differences were not significant. Angiotensin II concentrations in plasma were lowered in the placebo group to a larger extent than in the pine bark extract group. Heart rate, electrolytes and blood urea nitrogen were not changed during treatment in both groups of patients. Unwanted effects observed in both groups were of mild and transient nature, such as gastrointestinal problems, vertigo, headache and nausea.

Moreover, many studies have been conducted on the use and benefits of pine bark extract and some of the studies have shown that it has proven beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes. It may also help reduce swelling in those suffering from a condition called chronic venous insufficiency. So a lot of people believe that the antioxidant components of the pine bark extract offer many other benefits as well. In addition, pine bark extract has been reported to be safe. Few people report mild problems such as headache, nausea, and upset stomach. Not much is known about possible interactions with other drugs and herbs. Depending on the person’s size, age and needs for the pine bark extract, dosages may vary from person to person.

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