How About Herbal Poultices?

Herbal Poultices is a way to treat common ailments and relax the body. An herbal poultice is very much like a salve, but it’s usually applied to larger injuries and designed to help with more internal issues such as broken bones, pulled tendons, and strained muscles. Poultices tend to be a combination of herbs, which will take away pain, reduce swelling and inflamation, plus start the healing process in the affected area of the body.

Keep in mind that while many poultices, herbal salves, and remedies can be used to treat almost anything, there are times when a hospital visit is required. Treating an immediate and minor bleeding issue by putting Cayenne on a wound is fine, but if the wound is severe, going to the hospital and getting stiches is usually prudent. The same applies to broken bones, of course.

There are some things that happen where a trained medical specialist could mean the difference between life and death. So don’t assume that using herbal remedies to treat common problems, sicknesses, and injuries means you’ll never have to visit a doctor or hospital

All that said, let’s look at some of the most useful herbal

An excellent multi-purpose poultice to use for cuts, wounds, abrasions, scrapes, swelling, and pain from broken bones, sprains, and infected sores is concoction of goldenseal, comfrey, slippery elm, and aloe vera.

Another excellent poultice which is great for helping broken bones to heal faster, as well as treating problems with joints, gout, or ligaments is comfrey, white oak bark, mullein, black walnut, marshmallow, queen of the meadow, wormwood, lobelia, and scullcap. These herbs would need to be mixed with mineral water, aloe vera juice or gel, or petroleum jelly before being

Often poultices will still work well if you have at least one of the main ingredients. For instance, comfrey is needed to remove pain, repair skin and cell damage, and help reduce swelling. Goldenseal primarily helps with infections, and aloe vera helps to carry the herbs deeper into the multiple layers of the skin. Aloe vera also has it’s own pain removing and healing properties too.

Onion all by itself is excellent to use as a poultice for soreness, swelling, and bruises.

A quick case study:A 14 year old girl twisted her foot one afternoon while running, and this caused her knee cap to slip completely off to the side. The knee cap was pushed back into place but the knee quickly swelled, was quite painful, and the girl could not

Her mother created a poultice of comfrey salve, aloe vera juice, and chopped onions. She smeared the poultice onto a towel, and laid that on the girl’s injured knee. Within 15 minutes the pain was gone, and within an hour the swelling was 90% gone as well. The next morning the girl was walking normally without pain.

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