Phaseolus Vulgaris is potential to be a supplyment for blood sugar control

A new study shows , Meals with Phaseolus vulgaris supplement can improve glucose and insulin content. Bean extract can inhibit hunger hormone auxin, thus inhibiting hunger.

In the randomized study, the researchers recruited 12  participants ages from 20 to 26 years old. Their (BMI) are 19.7 to 23.5 kg/m2. After eating each meal, the participants also ate tablet or placebo which contains 100 mg Phaseolus vulgaris. Result shows,glucose increment and insulin levels of participants with Phaseolus vulgaris supplement are reduced, only 15.4% while contrast are 26.1%.

Two groups of auxin content are similarly reduced, but this content of contrast then began to rebound, and participants with Phaseolus vulgaris supplement had no change.

The researchers said this is a preliminary study and further studies are needed to determine Phaseolus vulgaris supplement’s long term weight loss effect and glucose tolreance to adults and obese people.

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