Eucommia ulmoides and Mulberry leaf is a gold combinations for Diabetics

In Autumn, diabetics often blundering, instability of mood and poor sleep which may cause the blood sugar fluctuation and rise. It’s important for diabetic patients to keep mood balance and be calm to stay a natural healthy.

What’s more, the doctors of traditional Chinese medicine point out that¬† diabetic patients to adjust themselves to new rhythm of life as soon as possible. Healthy diet, more exercises and taking some traditional Chinese medicine hypoglycemic products is helpful to the body back to normal life and also get rid of troulbes of complications.

At present, traditional Chinese medicine are using Eucommia ulmoides and mulberry leaf as the main raw material, based on the scientific compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine. This is one of Gold combinations for antidiabetes. It is also very safety and it was awarded the Chinese medical science and technology exchange center as “Health Care Science Promotion Product”.¬†

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