The magic claims of Shilajit

Shilajitis a Sanskrit word meaning “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.” The sacred substance was prescribed for thousands of years for many different health problems and became a powerful tool in Ayurvedic medicine.

Many researchers claim that Shilajit exuding from the rocks of mountains is basically derived from vegetative source. Several shlokas of Susruta Samhita and Rasarangini also maintain this point of view. According to Sushruta, in the months of May-June the sap or juice of plants comes out as gummy exudation from the rocks of mountains braes due to strong heat of sun. Rasaragini, Dwarishtarang also claim that the Shilajit is an exudation of latex gum-resin etc. of plants which comes from the rocks of mountains in presence of scorching heat. But the exact source of the origin of Shilajit is still under controversy.

Shilajit is most important drug for many diseases. It increases longevity, improves memory and cognitive ability, reduces allergies and respiratory problems, reduces stress, and relieves digestive troubles. It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and eliminates free radicals. The research proves that shilajit increases immunity, strength, and endurance. Many health benefits are attributed to Shilajit by regular users who live near the Himalayan Mountains. It us known as a strong kidney tonic and is said to increase the body’s core energy, responsible to sexual and spiritual power (which is why some have nicknamed it “Indian Viagra”). It is, therefore, considered an anecdote for anxiety and stress.

The healing properties of Shilajit were well-known for long. Clinical researches have been in progress and the ancient certain claims of the drug’s several properties and it is in further discovery.

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