Revitalize The Joint Health

In the beginning, the professionals examined the marketplace and found a need for quality nutrients that would actually help the body repair and maintain joints, helping the body heal damage caused by disease, injuries, and normal wear and tear. The products MD’s Choice developed provide the basic building blocks, in the most bioavailable forms, so that the body can improve the synovial fluids, make ligaments and tendons stronger and more flexible, as well as supply what the body needs to build new healthy cartilage. MD’s Choice understands that achieving “Total Joint Health” takes time, usually a few weeks, sometimes months. But, while a joint is repairing, pain and decreased motion will be helped as well.

Joint Health is essential for a good life. Thats why we developed Joint Advance. Joint Advance is based on a unique advanced formula that is created and driven by the most effective joint pain relief and getting back old mobility. Joint Advance is ahead of all of the many products on the market because it has its very special composition and many all-natural herbal ingredients. Because the body recognize the natural ingredients JointAdvance is easily metabolized into the complicated balance of your body system.

The most popular form of glucosamine found in most joint supplements is Glucosamine HCL (GHCL), but studies have proven that GHCL is unstable in heat or liquid and that only 12% of Glucosamine HCL is found in the blood even when given in extremely high levels to dogs. Contained in those same supplements is the low molecular weight Chondroitin Sulfate. The same study showed a maximum of 5% absorption of Chondroitin Sulfate when dogs were given a very high dose (10,000 mg to a 15 pound dog). In order for it to be used by the body, it must be broken down and reassembled, with most just passing through the body (in the urine or feces) within a few hours.

In comparison, Glucosamine Sulphate has the strongest collection of studies and is the most stable for commercial products. Studies in people, dogs and rats have proven that Glucosamine Sulphate (GS) is actively absorbed at over 90%. When given orally, 87-97% of the quality GS MD’s Choice uses is actively taken from the digestive tract into the blood within 30 minutes. Further, within 4 to 6 hours the chondrocytes (joint cells) have actively taken it from the blood and begun using it. That does NOT mean results will be seen immediately, but that the healing process has started. The problem did not happen overnight, and healing will not occur overnight! Sometimes it takes weeks or months, depending on the problem and severity of the problem.

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