Red wine extract

Red wine extract is reported to be very beneficial in supporting cardiovascular health by strengthening blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, lowering cholesterol and reducing platelet aggregation (clots) in the blood. It is also considered one of the most powerful antioxidants known to exist that helps to combat free radical damage and enhance immunity. This is definitely one of “nature’s finest.”


It has many useful functions : Be useful for treating heart diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol;can interfere with cancer cell growth and proliferation, as well as induce apoptosis;be active against HIV by inhibiting virus expression and replication;accelerating healing of injured skin;inhibiting oral sugar metabolism and retard growth of certain bacteria;enhancing bone density and strength;protecting against carcinogenesis  and prove supplementation for sunscreen protection

Now,it applied in food field, Red wine polyphenols for a strong and powerful antioxidant molecule. Can prevent skin aging, and become more white, moist and elastic, often as whitening health food.What’s more,it also Applied in cosmetic field, Natural red wine extract contains rich antioxidant polyphenols   composition, maintain skin health. At the same time gelatinous mask contain moisturizing of hyaluronic acid composition, have the effect of rapid filling water, add vitamin C phosphoric acid magnesium, has continued the whitening efficacy.

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