Guarana is a shrubbery plant that is native to northern Brazil and Venezuela. Guarana goes by other names: Brazilian cocoa, paullinia, cupana, guarana bread, zoom and guarana gum or paste. The majority of guarana plants are grown in the northern part of Brazil. Herbal preparations are made from guarana paste or gum, and the seeds are roasted and ground to make into a beverage. Guarana is usually ingested as a powder or mixed with water or other beverages. Use of guarana and any other herbal supplement is not a substitute for medical treatment and advice. See your doctor before beginning any new diet or treatment.

Weight Control

Guarana is an effective stimulant, with 2.5 times more caffeine than coffee. According to the Herbal Resource website, guarana is a primary ingredient in energy drinks. Many fitness enthusiasts use guarana for its metabolism-boosting effects. It also boosts energy and performance. Many herbal supplements contain guarana to suppress appetite.

Cardiovascular Health

Guarana is used to promote cardiovascular health by strengthening and balancing the heart. It also cleanses the blood and prevents clotting.

Stress and Pain Relief

The stimulating effect of guarana promotes mental clarity and focus, as well as relieve tension caused by stress. According to the Herbal Remedies website, guarana also relieves minor pains and aches, calms the nerves and reduces nerve pain.

Other Uses of Guarana

Native Brazilian tribes used guarana to treat high blood pressure, diarrhea, migraines and fever. Guarana was also used to treat minor digestive problems and arteriosclerosis and fight premature aging. Guarana is also known to prevent heat stroke by lowering body temperature and promoting normal bodily exchange of electrolytes.

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