Benefits of lemon peel for skincare

Lemon peel, or Citrus limon, is the rind or skin of the lemon fruit. Lemon peel adds flavor and aroma to foods and drinks. It also benefits the skin. According to, lemon peel contains the important essential oil limonene along with citral, flavonoids, more than 44 different flavone glycosides, citric and other plant acids. It’s a rich source of pectins, phenols and hydroxycinnamates.

Fights Skin Cancer

Hot lemon peel tea may help protect you against skin cancer. In an article posted on the BBC News website entitled Lemon Tea Fights Skin Cancer, Drs. Iman Hakim and Robert Harris of the University of Arizona studied 450 individuals, 50 percent of whom have had squamous cell carcinoma. Hakim and Harris found that those individuals who developed skin cancer drank significantly less hot lemon tea; having citrus peel in tea reduced the risk of squamous cell carcinoma by more than 70 percent. Drinking black tea alone showed only a 40-percent risk reduction.

Treats Acne

Lemon peel may benefit acne. The website 2 Step Acne Cure recommends the following treatment: Wash and grate the outer skin of four to eight lemons into a bowl. Cut the lemons in half, squeeze all the juice into the bowl, then mix the juice and the lemon peel together. Pour the solution into a bottle and store in a dry place. To use, shake the bottle well and apply an appropriate amount to the face, gently massage it in a circular motion into the acne area. Leave the solution on for four to five minutes; the skin will tingle as the solution seeps deep into pores. Rinse and let the skin dry for 30 minutes before applying any skin care product to the face. Use this treatment once a day, in the morning or at night.

Enhances The Skin

Lemon peel may help to enhance the clarity, glow and softness of the skin. Use lemon peel to rub on dry or scaly skin to regain its smoothness and softness. Lemon peel contains citric and plant acids that work to cleanse, lighten and brighten the skin; remove dead skin; and stimulate new skin growth.

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