Cherry Fruit Extract

As the name suggests, cherry fruit extract is the liquid or powdered solution that contains the nutritious cherry components in concentrated form. The small, richly red-colored fruit is a popular raw food option that combines appealing flavor and texture with significant health benefits for consumers. Low in calories and a source of vitamin C, cherries also contain a variety of phytochemicals, naturally occurring chemical compounds that contribute to overall human health. Recent animal studies and related research suggest that phytochemicals in cherries possess significant anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties.

Cherry Fruit Extract

A single cherry fruit extract capsule usually contains 1000 mg of the extract, the daily dosage typically recommended by commercial extract manufacturers. This extract contains the nutrients that are the equivalent of drinking 16 ounces of cherry juice or eating 2 cups of the natural fruit. Cherry fruit extract can be manufactured from either tart or sweet cherry varieties. The extract can be consumed in pill form or as a liquid or powder that can be added to other foods in the preparation process.

Gout pain relief

The most common use of cherry fruit extract is as a pain reliever for persons afflicted with gout. It is believed that the extract helps relieve gout symptoms in two ways. The flavonoids in the extract are suggested as contributors to lower bloodstream uric acid levels that cause gout to occur in the joints, particularly toes and fingers. Research suggests that the cherry fruit extract flavonoid anthocyanin blocks inflammation-causing enzymes at an injury site triggered by the accumulation of uric acid crystals.

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