Are There Benefits of Rosewater on the Skin?

Rosewater is a byproduct of the distillation of the essential oil of rose petals from the Rosa damascene or Rosa bulgaria flower. It is possible to make your own rosewater. Place three large handfuls of petals into a clean pot, pour water over the rose petals, cover the pot and place it over low heat. Let it simmer until half the water is left, then let it cool. Discard the petals and pour your rosewater into a pretty bottle for use on your skin, as rosewater has many beneficial properties when applied to skin.

Rosewater as a Toner and Cleanser

Rosewater possesses the sweet, delicate scent of the roses from which it is made. It is a natural mild antiseptic and is recommended for acne and skin irritation, for nourishing and hydrating the skin and face, and for nourishing the body after a shower or bath.

Rosewater can be used on its own as a soothing toner and cleanser or combined with other ingredients. According to Jeanne Ricci in “Yoga Journal,” make a rosewater toner by combing 3/4 cup of rosewater with 2/3 cup witch hazel and six drops of glycerine. Then blend and shake.

It also helps to ease reddened and inflamed skin and is safe to use on children and babies and the elderly.


Rosewater for Skin Conditions

Rosewater stimulates the circulation in the tiny blood vessels beneath the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of thread veins and broken capillaries.

Rosewater also maintains the pH balance of the skin. It stimulates the regeneration process and has a calming effect on acne, dermatitis and eczema. Regular use of rosewater will help to prevent these conditions from occurring and to soothe the skin when they do occur. It also has the same quality as the more powerful rose essential oil, in that it can help heal scars, small cuts and wounds as well as prevent scarring.

Insect Bites and Sunburn

Rosewater can also be applied to soothe insect bites and sunburn. To help with the pain of sunburn, refrigerate the rosewater until it is cool and then use it as a spray on the affected area. This will ease inflammation and help to prevent blistering.

Rosewater can also be used in an atomiser and sprayed on the face and body as a cooling spray.

Added to a warm bath, rosewater is beneficial in both calming the skin, and the spirit, helping to ease stress and anxiety. According to, legend has it that one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets was that she washed her face with rosewater.

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