What Are the Benefits of Groundnut Oil?

Groundnut oil or peanut oil is a monounsaturated fat, which means it has one double bounded carbon molecule–two adjacent carbons on the fatty acid chain bind to a single hydrogen. Though liquid at room temperature, monounsaturated fats may begin to solidify when chilled. By replacing saturated fats or trans fats with monounsaturated fats such as peanut oil, you will likely gain some health benefits.http://www.ebiochem.com/2610

Lower Cholesterol

Groundnut oil, as well as other monounsaturated fats, can help to lower your overall cholesterol level, lower the level of bad cholesterol in your blood and increase your level of good cholesterol. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol, is considered bad because it may build up on the inner walls of your arteries. LDL combined with other substances can form plaque that narrows arteries and makes them less flexible. High-density lipoprotein cholesterol or HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, is good because it tends to carry cholesterol from arteries back to the liver, which removes it from the body, according to the American Heart Association.http://www.ebiochem.com/

Lower Blood Pressure

Replacing saturated fat with monounsaturated fats such as groundnut oil can lower your blood pressure, thereby reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Observational studies prove monounsaturated fats can reduce high blood pressure, according to Miguel A. Martinez Gonzalez and Maira Bes-Rastrollo, professors of preventative and public health in Spain. But why this type of fat causes a reduction in blood pressure is a topic for further research.http://www.ebiochem.com/

Aid Weight Loss

Diets rich in groundnut oil and other monounsaturated fats have benefited individuals in weight reduction programs. Evidence suggests that a diet with a moderate amount of fat—in which fats make up no more than 25 to 35 percent of the total calories consumed—can be more effective than low-fat diets, which lead to an increase of simple carbohydrates consumed. In order to lose weight while consuming groundnut oil, you must not increase the total number of calories consumed; rather, you use it as a substitute for saturated fat.

Benefit Diabetics

Diabetes patients may find several benefits from increasing their consumption of groundnut oil while decreasing their consumption of other kinds of fats. In a study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, researchers found that groundnut oil was able to decrease the blood glucose and lipid profile in diabetic rats by a small but significant amount, while increasing antioxidant levels. Of course, further investigation is required to confirm that results would be similar for human beings.

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