Wet Sauna Benefits

Wet saunas are also known as steam saunas. In dry saunas, heat is generated by heated rocks or an infrared heater. Wet saunas use heated rocks as well, but water is poured over the rocks to produce steam. According to the experts at Go Ask Alice! from Columbia University, saunas are not for everybody. People with heart problems, the elderly and those taking certain medications should not use a sauna, or use it with caution.

Lower Stress

While all types of sauna are relaxing, wet saunas allows you to introduce aromatherapy. According to the Health and Sauna website, adding a few drops of essential oil to water and then using the mix to throw on the rocks will cause the fragrance to be diffused throughout the room. You can choose invigorating or relaxing scents, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Because wet saunas also help your muscles to relax, it can be a good choice after an intense workout or if you have achy joints or suffer from arthritis.

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