What Are the Benefits of Using Vitamin E on the Face?

Vitamin E is found in foods like vegetable oils, meat, eggs, milk and leafy vegetables, according to Drugs.com. Supplemental forms of vitamin E, such as capsules, can be ingested to treat a vitamin E deficiency when recommended by a health care professional. In addition, applying vitamin E directly to facial skin has potential benefits for your skin’s appearance and texture.


Vitamin E, whether obtained by breaking oral supplement capsules or as part of a facial moisturizer product, can help hydrate delicate facial skin. It is possible to have minor to moderate skin irritation when using vitamin E topically; discontinue use if this occurs.

Scar Treatment

Regularly applying the contents of a vitamin E capsule to a scar, such as an acne scar, may reduce the scar’s appearance over time. This potential benefit has not been well explored by research but it is often recommended by dermatologists and other skin professionals as one of the few potential ways to treat permanent skin marks without surgery. DoctorYourself.com suggests applying vitamin E to scar by breaking open a capsule and applying the liquid directly to the scar.

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