Banana Extract Ingredients

Banana extract is commonly available in the United States in liquid form; a powdered variety is available overseas. Use it to enhance the flavor in banana muffins or banana bread, or to add a sweet, mild flavor to dessert sauces or fruit smoothies.

Banana Extract Basics

Traditional banana extract is a liquid derived from a puree of the yellow banana. There is also a dried powder version of banana extract. Both carry a strong banana aroma and flavor. They are cholesterol- and sugar-free and add few calories due to the small amounts required for flavoring in most recipes. When stored at cool temperatures in tightly sealed containers, the extracts can have up to a two-year shelf life.

Liquid Banana Extract Ingredients

Liquid banana extract is typically made from flavor components extracted from the banana itself. Chiquita, one of the world’s major banana producers, mixes flavors from pureed bananas with water and ethyl alcohol to make its liquid extract. Propylene glycol is added to stabilize the product. Most other brands are made with the same ingredients.

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