How to Extract the Oil of Papaya Seeds

Papaya is a sweet tasting exotic fruit that stands out with it’s slight musky flavor and soft consistency. Not only does it make a nice addition to your fruit salad, but it also provides health benefits. Papaya aids in digestion and helps reduce inflammation. The oil located in the papaya seeds is used in health and beauty agents. In fact, according to Holly Lucille ND, RN, papaya oil boosts the immune system and also works as an anti-aging skin care agent. Extracting the oil from the seeds is relatively easy; you can do it at home.

Step 1

Lightly squeeze the papaya to make sure it is ripe. If it is slightly soft, it is ready to open. Cut the papaya lengthwise down the center using a large knife. It will have a bright orange hue throughout when it is perfectly ripe. If there is a little yellow tint to the fruit, it is still okay to use.

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