Scientific Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract for Disease

Olive leaf extract has been used medicinally in Egyptian and Mediterranean cultures for thousands of years, according to the website Ancient Egyptians used olive leaf as part of the mummification process and the first account of it being used for medicinal purposes was in England in 1854. Modern research has confirmed many of the traditional uses for olive leaf extract.


Olive leaf extract was shown to have analgesic properties in a 2010 “Journal of Ethnopharmacology” study. Doses ranging from 50 mg per kg body weight up to 200 mg per kg body weight were effective at reducing pain. Additionally, olive leaf extract enhanced the effect of morphine in the study. The researchers conclude that olive leaf extract is useful for the treatment or management of painful conditions.


The anticancer properties of olive leaf extract were tested in a 2010 “International Journal of Cancer” study. Melanoma, a type of skin cancer, was suppressed by olive leaf extract, which had its effect by disrupting cancer cell membranes and destroying the genetic material of the cells. The researchers concluded strong anticancer potential for olive leaf extract, but cautioned that when used in combination with various forms of chemotherapy it enhanced some and inhibited the effects of others.

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