Side Effects of Cherry Fruit Extract

Photo Caption Scientific studies demonstrate the benefits of flavonoids from cherries on health. Photo Credit Cherries image by acoljub from <a href=’’></a>

Cherries are one variety of nutrient-rich, red and blue berries. The health benefits of cherries are most pleasantly obtained when eating the whole fruit, which also provides fluid and fiber. Supplementation with cherry fruit extract, however, may provide a viable alternative when the fruit is not available. According to, the antioxidant flavonoids found in cherries and cherry fruit extract can reduce inflammation, help destroy free radicals, reduce pain and relieve allergies, among other benefits.

Allergic Reactions

As with any food, there is the potential for allergic reaction to cherry extract in people who are sensitive to cherries. explains that there are two main types of allergy reactions to cherry, with the occurrence of each prevalent in a distinct geographic area: A localized oral reaction is prevalent among Northern Europeans, whereas more severe systemic symptoms generally affect those from Mediterranean regions. It is a good idea to avoid cherry extract if you have an allergy to whole cherry fruit or other stone fruits.

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