The Effect of Cinnamon Extract on Stomach Fat


Visceral fat — also referred to as abdominal, stomach or belly fat — is the most dangerous form of fat. According to the Cleveland Clinic, abdominal fat wraps around your organs including the liver and increases your risk of medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Research shows that cinnamon extract influences insulin activity and may help reduce abdominal fat. However, consult your doctor before taking any supplement for weight loss.


A common household spice, cinnamon comes from the inner bark of strongly aromatic evergreen trees indigenous to Sri Lanka, but which now also grow in countries such as Brazil, Egypt and India. It contains several nutrients, including antioxidant polyphenols.


According to Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences, the polyphenols in cinnamon enable receptors on cells to become active and accept insulin, thereby allowing sugar to leave the bloodstream, enter cells and produce energy. Increasing the cells’ sensitivity to insulin is significant because high levels of insulin and insulin resistance are linked to abdominal fat.

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