What Is Maca Root Extract Used For?

Maca root, from a plant in the brassicaceae family, grows in the high Andean region of Peru. Sometimes called Peruvian ginseng, maca root extract is a powerful remedy for sexual dysfunction and infertility in men and women as well as an adaptogen – an herb that may improve energy and help the body deal with stress.

Manage Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Scientists have conducted a number of studies on maca root extract for treating impotence, sperm motility, fertility and sexual dysfunction in men. A study published in “Adrologiea” in December 2002 found that maca root improved sexual desire without affecting serum testosterone levels in men. Maca root may also improve male fertility by boosting sperm production and sperm motility, according to research published in the “Asian Journal of Andrology” in December 2001. An in-depth article published in “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” revealed that maca root extract may also support prostate health and reduce benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Sexual Health in Women

Research indicates that maca may help treat sexual dysfunction in women as well. A study published in “CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics” in 2008 reported that maca root extract reduced SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction for those taking antidepressants and improved libido in men and women. Maca root may also support healthy sexual function in postmenopausal women, along with reducing anxiety and depression around sexual performance, according to research in the journal “Menopause” in 2008. Traditionally, maca has been used in the Andes to enhance fertility in women, although no good scientific research exists to support this claim in humans. Maca root extract has been found to increase litter sizes in mice, possibly indicating a positive relationship with fertility, according to research published in “Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology.”

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