Banaba Leaf Extract Side Effects

Banaba Leaf Extract Side Effects

As an herbal supplement, banaba leaf extract has been traditionally prescribed for the treatment of minor health ailments related to poor glucose absorption within the body, according to Furthermore, the supplement derived from a plant of the same name can be very helpful for you if you are also suffering from blood sugar-related ailments, like diabetes. However, there are a few side effects linked to banaba leaf supplements that you should be aware of prior to consumption.

Avoid Using During Pregnancy

While very few adverse reactions to banaba leaf extract have been documented, does suggest that this is the very reason why women who are pregnant or who could become pregnant should stay away from the herb. As with many medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements, birthing mothers can very easily pass the substance on to the fetus during pregnancy which can prove to be harmful to the unborn child. As a result, suggests that the lack of documented information regarding pregnancy interactions should prompt the supplement user to check with her medical professional before choosing to incorporate the herb into a daily diet.

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