Does Olive Leaf Extract Kill Good Bacteria in the Intestine?

Does Olive Leaf Extract Kill Good Bacteria in the Intestine?

Olive leaf extract is a type of herb that may provide some health benefits, although more research is necessary to determine this. There is some indication that olive leaf extract provides some antimicrobial activity, which may give it the ability to destroy certain types of bacteria, including the good bacteria that reside in your intestines. Talk to your doctor before taking olive leaf extract to treat a medical condition, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.

Intestinal Bacteria

Your intestines contain hundreds of different types of bacteria that help to make up the intestinal flora in your digestive tract. While some bacteria can be potentially dangerous, most intestinal bacteria are beneficial organisms that perform essential functions. In healthy digestive tracts, the beneficial bacteria keep the harmful ones in check. Antibiotics can upset this delicate balance, killing both the good and bad bacteria within your body, including those inside your intestines. By destroying the beneficial bacteria, medications with antibiotic properties can increase your risk of colitis and antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

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