How to Extract Rosemary Oil

How to Extract Rosemary Oil

Aromatherapy uses many essential oils of plants and herbs for healing. The early Egyptians favored rosemary. During plagues it was burned to release its antiseptic qualities. Its essential oil relieves pain and acts as a healing and soothing agent. It relieves and helps heal many types of skin disorders. Steam extraction releases the essential oil from the flowers and leaves of the rosemary plant.


Step 1

Assemble the steam distillation apparatus, and clamp it securely to a ring stand to prevent breakage. Do not exert extreme pressure on any part of the apparatus to prevent breaking the glass.

Step 2

Remove the bottom vessel of the apparatus, and fill it with the chopped flowers and leaves of the rosemary. Chopping the leaves and flowers smaller will provide greater surface area for extraction. The greater the surface area exposed, the greater the amount of extracted oil.

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