Side Effects of Orange Peel Extract

Side Effects of Orange Peel Extract

Orange peel extract is derived from what is known as the Seville orange, bitter orange or Citrus aurantium. Orange peel has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and in the Amazon as an herbal remedy for indigestion and nausea, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Today, it also is used for appetite suppression in weight loss programs, nasal congestion and fungal skin infections. Orange peel extract should be used with caution, however, for side effects are possible.

General Stimulant Effects

Orange peel contains synephrine, which produces stimulant effects similar to those of ephedra, the substance that the Food and Drug Administration banned in weight loss products in 2004. Ephedra was associated with increased risks of stroke and heart attack in customers. Indeed, several of these diet products now contain concentrated extracts of Citrus aurantium for its stimulant properties in the place of ephedra, reports the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Some general stimulant effects you may experience from synephrine are feeling nervous or restless as well as trouble sleeping. If you take a supplement that also contains caffeine, be aware that the stimulant effects may be magnified. Since the extent of orange peel side effects are unknown at this time, speak with your doctor first before trying this substance.

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