The Effects of Grapefruit Seed Extract on Estrogen Dominance

The Effects of Grapefruit Seed Extract on Estrogen Dominance

The late Dr. John Lee, hormone specialist and author, coined the term “estrogen dominance” to describe a condition in which a woman has either an excessive, normal or deficient level of estrogen and a minimal amount — or no — progesterone to balance estrogen’s effects. Grapefruit seed extract may raise estrogen levels, so could contribute to estrogen dominance, based on Dr. Lee’s definition. Because of the potential for serious side effects, talk to your personal doctor before using grapefruit seed extract.

Grapefruit and Raised Estrogen

Grapefruit intake can slightly elevate your estrogen levels, according to a University of Southern California and University of Hawaii study led by Kristine Monroe and published in “British Journal of Cancer” in July 2007. Grapefruit seed extract, pulp and seeds that remain after juicing a grapefruit, may have a higher or lower concentration of grapefruit properties than found in whole fruit. It may possibly elevate your estrogen levels and trigger estrogen dominance, per Dr. Lee’s definition.

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