What Are the Benefits of Red Wine Extract?

What Are the Benefits of Red Wine Extract?

Red wine contains a substance called resveratrol that may offer a number of health benefits. People who regularly drink moderate amounts of red wine tend to have 20 percent to 30 percent fewer instances of coronary heart disease, but scientists are still trying to learn exactly why, reports the Linus Pauling Institute at the University of Oregon. The answer may be in the resveratrol component, but more research is needed to confirm its effects. Before you begin taking red wine extract or resveratrol supplements, consult your health care provider.

Health Benefits

Resveratrol may be able to fight hardening of the arteries, cancer and coronary heart disease, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The Linus Pauling Institute adds that resveratrol may have antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory effects and the ability to keep platelets in the blood from sticking together to form clots. It also may be able to increase longevity. Drugs.com reports that resveratrol may be able to help lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics, improve memory and increase joint mobility.

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