What Is Fucus Vesiculosus Extract?

What Is Fucus Vesiculosus Extract?

Fucus vesiculosus is the scientific name for a species of brown seaweed called bladderwrack; as such, extracts of fucus vesiculosus are commonly referred to as bladderwrack extracts. Bladderwrack is found in abundance on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts from Europe to Asia. Bladderwrack is consumed as food and sold in extract form for a variety of medicinal purposes. However, don’t use Fucus vesiculosus without your doctor’s approval.

Nutritional Profile

Bladderwrack extract contains antioxidants that help to prevent free radical-induced damage in your body. Bladderwrack also has antibacterial properties and anti-hypertensive properties, which means that it helps to reduce high blood pressure. According to Phyllis Balch in her book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing,” bladderwrack is a rich source of vitamins, especially the B vitamins, as well as many valuable trace elements and minerals.

Traditional Uses

Bladderwrack extract is used in traditional medicine as a weight loss aid to treat diabetes, to reduce hair loss, to reduce fatigue and to treat menstrual abnormalities. Bladderwrack extract is reported to promote brain tissue and membrane health and to encourage healthy nails and blood vessels. Extracts are also used topically to help improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity and reduce cellulite. These uses are based primarily on anecdotal evidence, however, and further studies need to be done to confirm the efficacy of these claims.

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