Health Benefits of Touchi Extract Supplement

Health Benefits of Touchi Extract Supplement

Touchi extract is a fermented soy product made from black beans. Proponents claim that it can help support healthy blood sugar levels. It is marketed as an alternative treatment for diabetes. Clinical data does suggest that touchi extract has blood sugar-lowering capabilities and may be a possible complementary treatment to help manage high blood sugar. However, you should not use alternative medicine in place of traditional medical care. You should only take touchi extract after consulting your physician.


Diabetes is a growing health concern. It occurs when your body does not make enough of the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin or does not respond properly to insulin production. This causes high blood sugar, which damages your nerves and organs. Clinical data suggests that touchi extract inhibits a sugar-metabolizing enzyme known as alpha-glucosidase. This effect reduces the amount of carbohydrates you absorb. A class of diabetes medications that includes the drug Precose also works through alpha-glucosidase inhibition.

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