Is Grape Seed Extract Good for the Eyes?

Is Grape Seed Extract Good for the Eyes?

Grapes have been used in the medical field for thousands of years. Drinking wine — which is made from grapes — has long been known as a way to promote heart health. But, aside from helping the old ticker, early European folk healers used an ointment made of grapevines to treat skin and eye diseases. Today, scientific evidence shows that our ancestors were on to something: The healing properties of grape seeds — also called Vitis vinifera — can indeed improve vision and prevent eye disease. As with any new treatment, consult your doctor before starting.

Inside the Grape Seed

To understand why grape seed extract is helpful to your vision and general eye health, you must first look at its chemical makeup. The active ingredient in grape seeds is oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPCs. OPCs contain antioxidants and antihistamine properties. Grape seeds also contain vitamin E, flavonoids and linolenic acid.

Diabetic Retinopathy

In Susan G. Komen Foundation’s complementary therapy guide, grape seed extract is explored as an option for many ailments, including diabetic retinopathy. On a grading scale of A through F, it rates its use for retinopathy based on scientific evidence a B. Diabetic retinopathy is a disease that affects the small blood vessels in the retina of the eye. The anti-inflammatory agents in the OPCs in grape seed extract help stop the disease progression. In fact, grape seed extract’s healing properties aid in other vascular-related disorders.

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