Is Pine Bark Extract Good for Your Eyes?

Is Pine Bark Extract Good for Your Eyes?

Pine bark extract comes from the maritime pine tree. This extract contains proanthocyanidins, chemical components that have significant amounts of antioxidants. If you have risk factors for eye disease, you may want to talk with your doctor to determine if the components of pine bark extract may help protect your eyes. Your doctor can help you determine if this extract is appropriate for you.


Pine bark extract is known for containing significant amounts of antioxidants, and these nutrients may help prevent certain eye conditions. For example, antioxidants may help reduce your risk for macular degeneration damage, an eye disease that may damage your straight-ahead vision. If you intend to use pine bark extract for the health of your eyes or any other condition, you should first talk with your doctor. Pine bark extract may contain other components that may interact with health conditions or interfere with treatment of certain conditions.

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