Uses for Dandelion Herbal Supplement

Uses for Dandelion Herbal Supplement

Teas, extracts, pills and capsules made from dandelion leaf or root have been used for medicinal purposes in the West and Asia for centuries. Although official public health agencies in the U.S., Canada, Germany and the European Union acknowledge the dandelion plant’s place as a traditional herbal remedy, there is currently no established scientific evidence that supports its use as a treatment for any medical condition. Before you take an herbal supplement containing dandelion herb, talk with your physician to ensure it’s safe and appropriate for you.


An assessment report on dandelion herbal products from November, 2009, by the EMA, or European Medicines Agency, considers its use as a diuretic to be “plausible” based on empirical observations while concluding that its established use can’t be supported because of the lack of clinical studies. Except for one study involving human volunteers that has not yet been duplicated, there are no solid medical studies linking a specific chemical in dandelion leaves or roots with diuresis. The EMA is responsible for the scientific evaluation of medicines used in the European Union.

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