New Developing Direction of Antibiotic drug

Due to germ’s microbial antibiotics drug resistance increased, scientists are looking for new drug development direction. A recently online journal PLoS ONE reports a potential antimicrobial molecular synthesis and test, and that their treatment effect and many current use of antimicrobial agent are similar.

Most compounds show a variety of bacteria and fungi to widespread activity, but to mammalian cells without toxicity, which may develop new antimicrobial treatment way.

The Rensselaer polytechnic institute professor Mattheos Koffas and professor at the university of Buffalo John Panepinto team focused on flavonoids related compounds. Flavonoids is naturally occurring in many plant that are thought to have a variety of positive health effects.
However, the researchers didn’t limit myself in these existing compounds were synthesized, and they synthsized various related molecules to see whether they can produce a higher antimicrobial activity of the product.

They found that many of these new molecules can be effective against a variety of bacteria, such as gram-negative escherichia coli and gram positive bacillus subtilis, and smoke aspergillus fungus and cryptococcus, etc. According to the chief scientist Dr Koffas introduces, “plant polyphenols due to its strong antioxidant properties,they have been in-depth studied, but for they may have other health benefits weren’t studied, our work made it clear that it as a valuable antimicrobial agent with a huge untapped potential .
In addition, the researchers are currently synthetize more kinds of compound in order to find out more compound with strong antimicrobial properties.


What is Hericium erinaceus?

Hericium erinaceus grows naturally in North America, China and Japan. In Europe it is rare to find. Hedgehog mushroom that can be found in Europe is grown in the laboratory under strictly controlled conditions that correspond to the natural habitat. it typically appears on the wounds of living or very recently cut hardwoods, and the fact that its spines are mostly more than 1 cm in length.

There are plenty of nurients in hericium erinaceus. Each hectogram hericium erinaceus contains 26.3g protein which is double of mushroom. It also contains 17 amino acid and 8 of them are essential to humans. It is also less of fat but much vitamin and inorganic salt. It is effective to stimulate appetite, protects stomach, improves transformation rate of lymphocyte and promotes leucocytes.It’s a great nutritious food. In China the mycelium is used to make Hericium erinaceus Pills to treat gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, gastric and oesophageal cancer.